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online doctor appointment,Dr,chhattisgarh Dr,hospitals in raipur,neurologist doctor,dentist in raipur,physiotherapy doctor,gynaecologist doctor

online doctor appointment,Dr,chhattisgarh Dr,hospitals in raipur,neurologist doctor,dentist in raipur,physiotherapy doctor,gynaecologist doctor

Free Dental & Eye checkup camp by Ineeddoctor at Shri Balaji Vidya Mandir

Ineeddoctor is happily presenting its next free health checkup camp on 15th -16th July 2016. This time, we are doing it for the children & staff of Shri Balaji Vidya Mandir, Devendra Nagar, Raipur. This is an English medium school with classes nursery to 12th.  The details of the event are : 15th July - 9 am to 2 pm. 16th July  - 9 am to 12 pm Special thanks to the team of Doctors from Naman Hospital & Shi Ganesh Vinayak Eye Hospital, Raipur for giving their consent to participant in the camp. Ineeddoctor is committed towards enabling better healthcare services for school students & the community. Ineeddoctor runs a “Community Association Program” for the benefits of society through which it aims in making hospitalizations easy & economical. Anyone can register their family with us for free by logging into our website, mobile app or by calling at our call center. To know more about the event or or our services, do call us at 9111-31-9111.

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Traditional Hospitals Vs Corporate Hospitals – But what a patient wants?

“Traditional Hospitals”. Really? Is that even a term?  No, even I haven’t heard it ever, but I just chose to call a few hospitals (or a type of hospitals) as “Traditional”. And I have my reasons. There are a few hospitals running from two, three or even more decades and are run by a single or a group of famous (mostly) doctors who believe that all a patient needs is “just to get treated”. And they are good at it, I don’t deny at all. But they ignore the fact that patient is already suffering from his ailments and he & his attendants don’t require suffering from the hospital’s lackluster services. I am not saying that services shall be prioritized over treatment, but at least it shall be acknowledged and addressed. Let me give you an example from my own experience. I was meeting with the director (a senior doctor) of a famous hospital (so called traditional of course) to get him on-board of my startup “Ineeddoctor”. Through our startup, we help patients in getting hospital’s services in easy & economical way. And when I say easy, I mean less harassment & priority services. After I had explained, this famous doctor says, he liked our concept but he wouldn’t use it, because he doesn’t want the patients to feel like “Maharajas” (King). All I had to do next was to “Get up & Go”, because that is exactly what I wanted the patients to feel like. Read how just a call can help patients to save thousands. So what’s with corporate hospitals? They are actually very good when it comes to service. They do everything to woo the patients into their hospitals and give them a high level of “Professionally Friendly” environment. The moment a patient enters the hospital, he finds himself amidst the smiling staff, gorgeous interiors, clean & hygienic environment and every wanted or un-wanted amenities like cafeteria, Room Service, Creche etc. In short, he feels like a Maharaja, but gets to think every moment that he certainly needs to pay extra for this. Now comes the treatment. Treatment is not bad either (not always, at least). Most of the doctors here are recruited, not owners. Again they are very professional and follow procedures to document everything. They don’t keep anything to intuition. While visiting different hospitals everyday, I feel that many traditional hospitals are moving towards these modern day corporate environments. The owners are even hiring professional administrative staff to manage the hospitals. In the process of doing so, they must realize that an amalgamation of treatment & better services at affordable rates is what a patient needs. Hospitals should aim towards that. After all, in health care, patient should be the king. PS: In no way, I suggest to disrespect your doctor. They are the best things we have got after god and they deserve your respect. Check other blogs, interviews, events and media coverages of Ineeddoctor Read the blog here as originally published in Linkedin by Amit Agrawal

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Ineeddoctor featured in Times of India for its Community Association Program

Another feather on the cap of Ineeddoctor! The startup has been featured in Times of India’s “Health For All” section showcasing the benefits of using the service. Ineeddoctor's services and single number 9111-31-9111 has helped a number of patients in the recent months in not just getting the right treatment but also considerable discounts in the health services at partner hospitals & labs. Registration & getting appointments has become really easy with this phone service. Team Ineeddoctor thanks its users for their overwhelming support for making it recognizable. And a special thanks to Cherrupreet Kaur, the enthusiastic journalist of Times of India, who found us and summarized us so well. Here is the coverage directly from TOI: IT Startup begins free help service – HEALTH FOR ALL Read More about ineeddoctor at: Places where Ineeddoctor’s CAP beats Health Insurance Just a call can help a Patient to save Thousands!! Don’t wait till last minute to register !! How to register for Ineeddoctor’s CAP?

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Ineeddoctor as Health Sponsors of Anandam’s Fun Festival

Anandam world city in Raipur conducted a fun festival for the residents of Raipur targeting the children and women. The event was on 11th & 12th June and was managed by Rainstorm events of Kolkata. Ineeddoctor participated in the event as the Health Sponsor of the festival. In their booth, the team from Ineeddoctor explained the people the benefits of its membership and how to avail the best of discounts at hospitals & labs. There were several spot registrations made at the event. Our simple number 9111-31-9111 was also shared with all the guests of the event and explained how the services can be booked easily just by a single call before going to hospital and get discounts in billing. Also Read: How a single call to Ineeddoctor can help patients save thousands. Ineeddoctor also arranged for a free dental checkup for the guests on both days. Dentist & their team from Naman Dental Care Hospital, Shankar Nagar were present at the spot and consulted various patients.               It has been a nice experience for being a part of this festival. More events and camps are coming soon with more services onboard.

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Using “Polythene” is a Fashion but harmful for Nation

  Polythenes are very useful and cheap but in the meanwhile harmful as well. Because it is durable we use polythenes in large quantity in our daily life without knowing its drawbacks or I can say we know very well that how much it is harmful but then also it is very popular between us.            Image Source   Did you know how many animals and plants are dying day by day just because of us, throwing these polybags here and there. Throwing it outside not only looks untidy but is dangerous for birds and many animals who often mistake them as food. And of course polythenes can’t be a substitute of foods. Eating polythene is an open invitation to death.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Image Source   The worst thing about polythene is that it is non-biodegradable. A single plastic bag can take up to 1000 years, to decay completely. As they do not degrade, they remain a dump forever and cause harm to plant life. The chemicals presents in plastic can harm floura and fauna of acquatic and marine life. Some turtle swallow poythene because it resembles them jellyfish. And it ends up with their death.            Image Source   Because it comes in sizes large and small, plastics even affect the world’s tiniest organisms such as plankton. When these organisms become poisoned due to plastic ingestion, this causes problems for the larger animals that depend on them for food. This can cause a whole slew of problems, each step further along the food chain. Plus, it means that plastic are present in the fish that many people eat everyday.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Image Source   Burning of plastic in the open air, leads to environmental pollution due to the release of poisonous chemicals. The polluted air when inhaled by humans and animals affect their health and can cause respiratory problems.            Image Source   Polythenes are very harmful not only for us but every living beings in the world. Instead of using polybags we can use paper bags or fabric bags. They are the best substitute of polythenes and are ecofreindly as well.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Image Source

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Ineeddoctor featured by International Magazine – Biz@India

Another feather on the cap of Ineeddoctor! The startup has been featured among the “Innovative Startups of India” by one of the leading Indian International Magazine Biz@India. Team Ineeddoctor thanks its users for their overwhelming support for making it recognizable. And a special thanks to Ms. Shweta Keshri, the enthusiastic Journalist of Media India Group, who found us and summarized us so well in her story. Here are the excerpts directly from the magazine: Ineeddoctor: Healthcare Just a Touch Away Amit Agrawal’s father, living in Raipur, the capital of the central state of Chhattisgarh, suffered from a chronic lung disease and needed weekly rounds to the doctor. But the routine visits became mental harassment, as the doctors were rarely punctual. This seeded the idea for Ineeddoctor in 2015. What started with just a website with listing of doctors grew with the introduction of call center 9111-31-9111. “In smaller cities, access to internet and smart-phones is limited; moreover a personal touch is very helpful while talking to patients,” says Agrawal. Through Ineeddoctor, a patient can schedule his consultation with preferred doctors, plan for investigations, treatments, surgeries and hospitalization and get discounts in almost everything. Bootstrapped by the three partners: ex-Infosys employees for nine years – Agrawal in the US and Abhishek Tiwari in Australia – and ex-TCS employee Akansh Goyal, the startup has been shortlisted by NASSCOM in the fifth batch of their 10,000 startup programme and is also looking for seed investors. “Although, a small city like Raipur has its challenges but it has advantages in terms of people recognition. Apart from having reached out to Raipur’s maximum population, we expanded our operations to entire state of Chhattisgarh last March,” says Agrawal. In the next five years, it plans to expand to pan India to over 100 cities through tie-ups with major hospitals. Read in e-magazine: Online Version: About Media India Group: Media India Group is a global platform founded in 2004, based in Europe and India, encompassing publishing, communication, consultation services and event management. MIG publishes a total of six different magazines. The publications are in four different languages - French, Spanish, German and English; and are the only magazines on India with a reach spanning 45 countries in four continents. About Biz@India Magazine: Biz@India is the business magazine by the group. The magazine, which is the only international magazine focused on Indian business, aims to bring the latest developments in all the sectors of the economies in Europe and India. Each issue of Biz@India covers one particular sector of the economy in great detail, covering all the aspects.

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Don’t wait till last minute to register !!

We have noticed that there are many users of Ineeddoctor who register for our membership at the last minute, when they need medical services in a hospital or lab. It is not that, we at Ineeddoctor won’t help them, in fact we do our best to assist in emergencies, but it is advisable to register in Ineeddoctor’s CAP program in advance and keep the CAP ID number & our call center’s direct number 9111-31-9111 (both these come in an SMS once you are registered). We got the feedback from many of our users that it would have been better if they had registered with us earlier. Owing to this, let us list down few benefits of the same:  1. Avoid Delays in Telecom Congestion: Patients must understand that hospitals need to see the CAP ID number in order to give the eligible discounts. After registering in Ineeddoctor, patients receive an SMS and there can be delays due to telecom congestion. Trust us; we do not manage the telecom operators. This delay might cause inconvenience at times in the hospital, however we are there to help you over phone. ​ 2. Direct Walk-ins by registered members: As a matter of fact, in case a registered patient is sure of a particular hospital, he/she can directly walk-in to the hospital & avail the services by showing his CAP ID number. He will still get all the benefits. A last minute call is certainly not required.   3. Get latest information: If you are not registered, Ineeddoctor might not know that you exist (we do not usually sneak-in). And if we do not know that you exist, how can we let you know about the new hospital & service additions? So it is better to register today to get the latest information. Trust us; we are not going to flood you with marketing messages. We won’t!   4. Free Health Camps: What about the free health camps that we organize from time to time along with our health partners? If we do not know you exist, we cannot let you know about the upcoming events. Here, you are certainly losing on. To know more about how to register with Ineeddoctor, read this.   Aren’t these simple reasons good enough for you to register today rather than waiting till the emergency arises? Simply register today by Online, App or simply by calling at 9111-31-9111. And yes, save this number in your phone. Stay Healthy! Stay Fit!      

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Just a call can help a Patient to save Thousands!!

Ever wondered how the medical expenses have been increasing drastically these days?  A middle class family already struggles to manage their monthly expenses with their limited income. On top of it, a medical emergency can actually create havoc. Mediclaim or simply health insurances are also not so common especially among the mass, except for the corporate employees. The percentage is even lower in tier 2 & 3 cities. The government medical facilities offer cheap services, but have its own challenges. It caters mostly to the people of low income group. Provided all these facts, the Mango Public are on the mercy of private hospitals & labs. And it is here that expenses are really rising. This is where Ineeddoctor comes to the rescue. It not only provides the discovery of doctors & medical facilities, but also helps the patients in getting marginal discounts (at their partner hospitals & labs). The membership & services are entirely free for the patients. The best part is the usability of Ineeddoctor. Other than the website & mobile app, one can simply call the medical support center at 9111-31-9111 and talk & book with one of the associates. The associates on call will suggest you the right doctors & even arrange the appointment for you. You will receive an SMS with the confirmation of booking and at the same time the Hospital is also informed of your arrival. They will make sure that your experience is trouble free. Just to summarize what you get after your call: Hassle-free booking of your appointment Priority treatment at the hospital Upto 25% discounts in different services of partner hospitals & labs To know more about how to register with Ineeddoctor, read this. All you have to do is, just give us a call (at 9111-31-9111) before you plan to visit the hospital. And yes, you get discounts in almost everything like lab tests, diagnostics, treatments, surgeries & even room charges. The math is simple. One hospitalization (planned or emergency) means 40 to 50 thousand rupees. With Ineeddoctor, patients can save 5 to 10 thousand rupees out of this. So, register your entire family today by Web, App or simply by calling at 9111-31-9111. Stay Healthy !! Stay Fit !! Ps: Ineeddoctor does not charge anything to its patients for its services. Patients only have to pay their discounted amounts directly to the hospitals.

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How to register for Ineeddoctor’s CAP?

Ineeddoctor’s CAP (Community Association Program) offers number of benefits to the patients including hassle-free appointments, priority treatments & of course huge discounts (upto 25%) in almost all the services at our partner hospitals & labs. Did we mention that all these services are available to patients for free?   Read the benefits of CAP in detail, here.   Only thing you have to do is, register with us through one of the ways mentioned below:   Through our Website: Click on the link and add yourself & your entire family members by giving their name, age, contact number, email etc. See screen below.                                  Through our mobile app: If you are an android user, you should download our app from Google play store. Once you open the app, it will prompt you for registration. Select “Register Now” and simply register yourself & your family members. Through our call center: OK, so you are very enthusiastic about our services and you want to know more. We got you covered. Simply call our center at 9111-31-9111 and an associate will be glad to help you register. He can also answer all your queries. Read the reasons here, why you should not wait for the last minute to register. This only takes a minute. And yes, once you have registered yourself, you would receive an SMS with your CAP ID number. Keep it handy. Don’t forget to save the call center’s number 9111-31-9111. Stay Healthy! Stay Fit!

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Places where Ineeddoctor’s CAP beats Health Insurance

                                                                      Your search for “What is Health Insurance?” in Google will return you the definition as “Health insurance is a type of insurance coverage that covers the cost of an insured individual's medical and surgical expenses. Depending on the type of health insurance coverage, either the insured pays costs out-of-pocket and is then reimbursed, or the insurer makes payments directly to the provider.” Before we move further, let’s take a look at an interesting fact: In 2011, 3.9% of India's GDP was spent in the health sector. According to the WHO, this is the lowest among the BRICS economies. Out of this 3.9%, health insurance accounts for 5-10% of expenditure, employers account for around 9% while personal expenditure amounts to an astounding 82%. Wow! That is some fact. There is no doubt that Medical insurance is one of the best ways to keep you and your family in the pink of health and I strongly recommend to have yourself enrolled for such health insurance. However, following the fact mentioned above, we know that Health insurance in India is still for the privileged few. Then there is also a marginal difference in trends of Insured individuals among Tier1 cities and others. In Tier1 cities, the percentage of Insured people is higher which is mostly due to group health insurances (covered by employers). So, what happens to Individuals who are not insured and they fall seriously ill, or if they need surgeries or long term treatments? They actually need to pay the full (expensive) hospital bills from their pockets. Since there is a waiting period in most of the Health covers, they can’t signup for insurance after the diagnosis as well. Ineeddoctor’s Community Association Program (or just CAP) comes to the rescue. What it does & how it works? is a Health Care startup that provides high discounts to individuals at the best hospitals in the city in almost all the things including Consultation, Labs, Diagnostics, Surgeries, Hospital Admissions and Treatments. Any Individual can enroll him(/her)self & their entire family for CAP through the website or by simply calling at 9111-31-9111. The membership is entirely free and once enrolled; the individual would receive a text message with their CAP ID. The next time, he/she needs to see a Doctor or get treatment; they would just have to book the appointment through Ineeddoctor (by call or online) and go to Hospital & get discounts (ranging from 10% to 25% in different services) at the time of billing. Simple isn’t it? So, how is it better than Health Insurance? No. The question in itself is wrong. CAP is not better than Insurance, but of course it helps where an insurance can’t. Here are a few cases where it does: Day-care & Less than 24 Hour Hospitalization – Most health insurance do not cover less than 24 hour admission under their policy. This is where Ineeddoctor’s CAP may help, just no question asked. Consultation & Investigations - Though visits to a doctor and the associated Investigations entail sizeable costs, these are not reimbursed by health policies. But yes, CAP covers it too. Between the lines - On reading between the lines of a health cover, one can know that there are numbers of diseases/illness (mostly serious ones) that are not covered under insurance. This is hardly known to the Insured until he/she faces the problem. Ineeddoctor again doesn’t restrict its users. Waiting Period – Most health covers have waiting periods during which the Insured cannot claim any expenses. Why would Ineeddoctor even care for a waiting period? A patient is patient enough to get benefits. Ineeddoctor doesn’t have to discriminate. You can get discounts from day1. Smaller Cities, towns & rural – As we know, the number of Insured Individuals in these places is comparatively less, but everyone needs treatment and that too in the best hospitals in bigger cities. Ineeddoctor’s CAP can help them take an appointment from their home town and visit the hospital as per availability. Pre-Existing Diseases - One of the realities of health insurance companies is that the guy who is supposed to approve your claims gets maximum incentives to reject or to minimize your claims. So his first act will be to reject the claim reasoning that it is a pre-existing condition. All pre-existing diseases have to be declared upfront at the time of buying the policy. In case identified, the claim is rejected. Ineeddoctor just doesn’t need to know. You better disclose it to Doctors; you would still be getting the discounts from Ineeddoctor. To know more about how to register with Ineeddoctor, read this. All we wish from Ineeddoctor is for you to Stay Healthy! Stay Fit!

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