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online doctor appointment,Dr,chhattisgarh Dr,hospitals in raipur,neurologist doctor,dentist in raipur,physiotherapy doctor,gynaecologist doctor

online doctor appointment,Dr,chhattisgarh Dr,hospitals in raipur,neurologist doctor,dentist in raipur,physiotherapy doctor,gynaecologist doctor

Doctors expert tips for your Snoring, the disturbing Kharratazzzzz

Snoring is one problem due to which other people had to suffer and live sleepless nights.The people who snore don't know, how their snoring sound affects the other person's sleep, they often get frustrated and angry with this sound. No matter how much he or she try to avoid it they try to deal with it some how but find it difficult to do so. Don't worry, here are some tips that you can give to the snoring people out there and get your sound sleep back. 1. Switch Your Sleeping Position :-  Changing the sleeping position during the night helps, because the person breaks the consistency when his body comes in motion Lying on your back makes the base of your tongue and soft palate collapse to the back wall of your throat, causing a vibrating sound during sleep. Sleeping on your side may help prevent this.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Image Source 2. Weight. Loss :- Loosing Weight is one of the good options to stop snoring. If you've gained weight and started snoring and did not snore before you gained weight, weight loss may help. If you gain weight around your neck, it squeezes the internal diameter of the throat, making it more likely to collapse during sleep, triggering snoring.   Image Source 3. Stop Smoking & Avoid Alcohol:-  Research has proven smoking is one of the major contributors to snoring. It is believed snoring as a result of smoking is caused by upper airway irritation and inflammation. Even more concerning, prolonged smoking can lead to permanent damage to the respiratory system. Quit smoking  asap.  Similarly , Alcohols are considered as bad for health by many of us, it has more cons and hardly any pros to go with it. Still, some of us take Alcohol on a regular basis because it helps us to relax more and other things.  Alcoholic drinks and sedatives reduce the resting tone of the muscles in the back of your throat, making it more likely you'll snore.                                         How to Quit Smoking in 5 minutes  ?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Image Source   4. Exercise:- Fitness exercises help you to keep yourself fit and doing it a few times a week is also beneficial for various reasons, including its ability to help you stop snoring naturally. In addition, exercise can be helpful in maintaining a consistent sleep schedule as well as assisting with weight loss; both suggested habits that are natural ways to stop snoring.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Image Source 5. Keep your bedroom humid & stay hydrated:- Dryness is often a cause of snoring, so using a humidifier or taking a hot bath or shower before bed can help alleviate snoring by keeping the breathing channels moist.  Many Doctors in real life suggest their patients to drink plenty of water as water is the cure for many health problems. Drink plenty of fluids. Secretions in your nose and soft palate become stickier when you're dehydrated, this can create more snoring.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Image Source 6. Check for allergies – nasal congestion and inflammation caused by allergies is a common cause of snoring. Being tested for allergies can therefore help you to identify and reduce potential allergens in your sleeping environment (e.g. types of bedding, dust mites, pet hair, dairy or wheat intolerance) and lessen snoring.                   Image Source 7. Prevent mouth opening – if you know that you snore with your mouth open then it can be helpful to keep it closed during sleep by either using specifically designed adhesive tape or mouth guards.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Image Source

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Smoking kills!! Get motivated to quit

Smoking is injurious to health. You have heard it and seen this phrase at many places, but how many of us has applied it in our real lives and stop smoking. People find it hard to quit smoking because smoking has become their habit, Due to this more than a smoker their family suffers alot,especially children. There are many ways to control your urge of smoking like - - Yoga is one of the best ways that gradually increase your capacity to resist the need of smoking, Moreover the pranayams and aasans of yoga help to clean the breathing pathway to your lungs which becomes narrow due to frequent smoking activity.                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Source - The Kapal Bhati Pranayam and the alternate nostril breathing technique will release accumulated stress, calm your mind, purify and balance your naddis (subtle energy channels) with this pranayama. Doing pranayam on a daily basis for around half an hour everyday will help to counter the side effects of your smoking              Source - Every smoker somehow knows that smoking is bad for health and they even want to quit it, but the urge of smoking becomes more powerful than their decision to stop smoking. Children even are prone to develop lung cancer and other respiratory tract diseases than old people. So, its very necessary to find a strong reason to quit smoking if not for yourself but for your family, children because after all family is more important than your cigrettes. Just think with whom you want to spend your life with your loving family who cares about you or your cigretts who is pushing you towards your death.You know very well what's best for you. Since your act of smoking will punish you as well as your closed ones. - One of the reason people smoke is that nicotine helps them relax their mind and calm themselves, to stop smoking the smoker must find different ways of relaxing other than smoking.                                                                                Stop Smoking to Breathe Easy and Live Healthy!!    

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How Doctors prove to be a Santa Claus for patients

                                                               Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas to all!!. It's Christmas time when there is a lot of happiness all around the world, and with  Christmas, one thing that certainly comes to mind is Santa Claus who is said to bring gifts and happiness for not only children but also for grown-ups. And considering the work Doctors do for their patients, this can be said they are a form of Santa Claus for their patients.  Dr. K.C. Pant, A renowned pediatrician  and child specialist of Raipur, is very famous for his friendly behavior with kids, he believes that the treatment is not only done  through medicines and medical treatment, but its very necessary that you understand the patient's problem and talk to them and cure them  of being friendly with them, talk to the patients, I personally believe and think that to cure children's, it's necessary that you become their friends by being  a child  yourself, give them gifts chocolates and candies.  And, I advice the same to other doctors around the world too, whenever I do some social activities like attending seminars and conferences to do the same. Being friendly and caring to your patients actually help you to gain their trust and interests, that will ultimately help you to cure the patients easily as I do.   Dr. Deepak Agrawal, a specialist in Orthopedics and Pediatric orthopedics,  of Raipur one of the experienced doctors of pediatric orthopedic problems share his views about the orthopedic issues that he has encountered during his career, and how he solved them.  There are patients with many difficulties and especially children who had to face many difficulties at a very young age, it's important for them to be physically fit as they have a long career ahead. I have attended many camps and seminars. Dr. Shailendra Ruprela,  an  MD in Physician and a Radiologist always believe in giving more than 100% effort in treating their patients and their patients should get all the medical facilities for treatment without compromising on anything for treatment.    Dr. Bharat Kumar Gupta,  an MD – DM in Gastroenterologist at Raipur, had a very thoughtful view, he wanted that he can cure more and more patients. He also believed that his medical facilities and treatment can reach a maximum number of people around the city so that no patients are devoid of good medical treatment. Dr. Jaivardhan Singh,  an Orthopedics specialist by profession, in Yashwant hospital at Raipur and a tech savvy itself, he thinks that the patients should use the technology to know about doctors, medicines, and even appointments should be taken online. He believes that technology could be a great gift for the patients.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          The team of Ineeddoctor pays tribute to the Doctors of Raipur and around the world who work day in and day out for making patients healthy and provide them with the gift of good health and happiness. This can be said that the Doctors prove to be the Santa Claus for Patients.  Ineeddoctor provide a platform online doctor appointment or you can call one simple number 9111319111 to reach the best doctor in Chhattisgarh, nowadays ineeddoctor also working on Domestic medical tourism which helps many patients in the society. Comment your wish Santa Claus try to fulfill them.

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Dr. Varsha to explain why & how pregnant women should not neglect their own health

It is said that child birth signifies rebirth of a woman. It brings about a new wave of physical and emotional changes in a woman’s life., in association with the City Hospital at Geeta Nagar, Raipur is organizing a FREE Antenatal Exercise Session for Pregnant ladies to help them free from pain and render Happiness.While trying to discover the best of care for their life and family members, the new and experienced mothers often neglect their own health. This is where Physiotherapy plays a major role in peri-natal care i.e., during and after Pregnancy.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Source This event focuses on the need of exercises for pregnant ladies under supervision of expert physiotherapist. The specialist from the hospital,Dr. Varsha Agrawal explains that the session is being organized specially for the Pregnant Ladies to guide them, advice them and to instructthem about how to reduce weight and to overcome from the physical pain post pregnancy.  About the kind of exercises, patients will be trained in the event, she further added that there would be all type of exercises through which the Pregnant Ladies would be benefitted including the Antenatal Exercises which are done during the nine months of Pregnancy. It is designed for the would-be mothers of today’s generation. Also, exercises for post pregnancy periods will be explained to get back to the pre-pregnant shape. The experts at the Hospital have profound insight on women’s health and their health related problems with solutions. It is worthy to mention that City Hospital has a wonderful team of Gynecologist, Physiotherapists and Dieticians to take care of all the problems of the Patients.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Source   The registration to attend this event (demo classes) can be done by calling the hospital or to ineeddoctor at 9111-31-9111 Note- Patients are requested to bring their own Water bottles, Napkins and Mat with them as they would be given a practical demo of the exercises. Date      : 15th December, 2015 11:30 AM (1 Hour Session) Venue  : City Hospital & Research Center, Geeta Nagar, Raipur

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Ineeddoctor's Physiotherapy & Health Camp: For Wouldbe & Newly Moms!

Ineeddoctor successfully organized a free health camp in collaboration with Shree Maa Sharda Aarogyadham .  The health camp was organized for Pregnant Women and Women post their delivery.They were given tips and made aware about the need of Yoga and  Physiotherapy exercise in the camp. In this camp more than 40 Pregnant Women attended this camp which was held at Agrasen Nagar , Raipur. Dr. Sujata Ashish Singh and many other Specialist Doctors were present in that camp who gave their expert advice and tips about how to maintain their weight during the Pregnancy Stage and months after their delivery , so that they can regain their shape which had left the women during the stage of pregnancy.   The Pregnant ladies were also guided about the importance of yoga and doing physiotherapy exercise under the supervision of a specialist which was very important as the women had to carry the weight of a newborn baby along with their own health, so the guidance part becomes that much more important for the ladies. It was very overwhelming to see the participation of the ladies in the camp.  

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Yuvraj Singh- A Fighter and a Match Winner

Yuvraj Singh ,  is known for its flamboyant stroke play in the cricket field, a tremendous fielder, a fighter in  the cricket ground as well as in real life and he has told the whole story about his life, right from the beginning,from his childhood till now the present situation in his book “The Test of My Life”.The pain that he had to carry in his lungs during the whole World Cup was enormous, and we as the fans of Yuvraj Singh had no idea about what he was going through during the series. He was able to play the whole tournament with the support of his team members, support staff and support from his family.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Source   Yuvraj was on the peak of his career in the World Cup in 2011, having offered India some assistance with his all around play, so as to vanquish the evil spirits of the Past. India lift the World Cup. His execution and his performance in the whole series was top drawer and he was even declared the Player of the Series. During all this performances, he was in a tremendous pain, some of his team members were even quoted saying that he was vomating blood in the dressing room because of the lung infection. He was even sometimes seen struggling in the cricket field too,but salute to the fighter attitude that he possesses , yuvraj didn't gave up and played the whole tounament in an unbearable pain to win the World Cup for the team and his cricketing idol Sachin Tendulkar.                Source It came as a shockfor the whole cricketing nation when the aggressive southpaw was determined to have a harmful tumor in his left lung. He experienced chemotherapy treatment at the Cancer Research Institute in Boston and Medicine Facilities in Indianapolis, Indiana. He was released from the healing center after the third and last cycle of chemotherapy and came back to India in April. Yuvraj said , If we can, you can’, Yuvraj said  in one of the interviews after he came back from US. The  southpaw has become one of the leading voices against cancer awareness, highlighting the battle in his book “The Test of My Life” and he felt that there should be a  greater cancer awareness in which he called for people to be more aware about the different types of cancer, particularly cervical cancer                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Source Yuvraj Singh  has also started a cancer awareness foundation to make people aware  and encourage people for fighting against cancer Yuvraj's amazing comeback needs to be shared as far and wide as could be expected under the circumstances because he's a living, breathing testament of the way that disease is not the end of life. On his comeback into the Indian group, he had said: 'It is the enthusiasm to return. In the event that you have the energy, you can return. This is the reason I am back. Ideally, I can play a couple of more years for the nation.' and he is right about it , It is always nice to see Yuvraj on the Cricket Field as he is undoubtedly one of the best match winners India have had in the recent years.                 Source                                                                                           "Ineeddoctor salutes Yuvraj for his fighter spirit and perseverance to play"

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How Physiotherapy can help in reducing pain of Pregnancy?

शारीरिक व्यायाम से अधिकतर गर्भवती महिलाओं को काफी लाभ होता है, गर्भावस्था की तकलीफों और शिकायतों से राहत पाने के लिए व्यायामों से बेहतर प्रभावित विकल्प नहीं हो सकता, व्यायाम से आपकी मांसपेशियों के स्वास्थय शक्ति व् ऊर्जा में अछा प्रभाव पड़ेगा | नियमित व्यायाम से एक गर्भवती को बच्चा वहन करने और जन्म देते समय होने वाले शारीरिक तनाव के लिए तैयार करता है | लेकिन कोई भी व्यायाम अपने फ़िज़ियोथेरेपिस्ट से सलाह एवं निगरानी में किया जाना चाहिए|                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Source  गर्भावस्था के तुरंत बाद पहले की तुलना में दर्द बढ़ा हुआ होता है , इस दौरान विशेषज्ञों की सलाह से किया गया व्यायाम ना सिर्फ आपको गर्भावस्था के पहले वाला वजन और आकार प्रदान कर सकता है बल्कि सही आकार और नियमित दिनचर्या के साथ आपको पहले से अधिक शारीरिक स्फूर्ति प्रदान करता है |                          Source व्यायाम की सही जानकारी एवं उपयोग के लिए हमारे यहाँ निशुल्क फिजियोथेरेपी हेल्थ कैंप का आयोजन किया जा रहा है जिसमे इन अनेक व्यायाम का लाभ लोग ले सकते है , इस कैंप के माध्यम से गर्भावस्था के बाद महिलाओं को किन व्यायामों पर ध्यान देना चाहिए ये बताया जायेगा -  गर्भावस्था में * सुरक्षित एवं सामान्य प्रसव के लिए  * पैरों की सूजन में आराम * सांस फूलना ,कमर में दर्द, पेट में दर्द  * मांसपेशियों के खिचाव में आराम , इसके अलावा  (PCOS), गर्भाशय की गांठ आदि से बचे स्वस्थ शरीर  के लिए |                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Source व्यायाम , योग और फिजियोथेरेपी से प्रसव के पश्चात होने वाले फायदे -  प्रसव के पश्चात * वजन काम करने के लिए     * पेट निकलना  * कमर दर्द  * सामान्य कमजोरी                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Source  इस प्रयास में महिलाओं को समर्पित करने के लिए , Ineeddoctor और Dr. Sujata Singh (SriMaa Sarada Arogyadham Hospital) एक निःशुल्क  हेल्थ कैंप आयोजित करा रहा है |(10AM to 2PM रविवार, 6th दिसंबर 2015 ) इस कैंप पर में प्रेगनेंसी पर फिजियोथेरेपी एवं व्यायाम  से होने वाले फायदे भी बताये जाएंगे जैसे की - जांच एवं उपचार निम्न प्रकार से किया जायेगा - - योग, प्रणायाम  -फिजियोथेरेपी  -स्टीम बाथ  -जकूज़ी  -कबोट व्यायाम                                                 Source

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Pregnancy – A Boon to a Woman, but how to keep it that way.

It is only the privilege of a woman to give birth to a child! But along with this privilege, come a lot of hardships that she has to go through during not just the 9 months of pregnancy, or during the labor pain, but also after the birth of the child and for years. Apart from pain, some known deficiencies etc one important aspect is also her body that goes through the hardships during the entire process. So what can help that? The answeris, Exercising.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Source Most women can make great benefits from exercising throughout their pregnancy. Exercise have much better effect on easing pregnancy related discomforts and complaints. Exercising during pregnancy will not just improve the muscle tone but also gives great strength and endurance to the pregnant woman. Regular exercise during pregnancy prepares a lady for the physical stress for carrying a baby and labor. But, this exercise should be done under the guidance of a trained Physiotherapist, as their advice can help a pregnant lady to ease the labor and delivery.                                            Source   How Physiotherapy can help in reducing pain of Pregnancy? Likewise after pregnancy, it helps to regain the pre-pregnant shape. Exercise also improves the overall physical fitness. Let's say we divide the pregnancy into pre & post natal periods during which the regular & supervised exercises may help a lady in the following ways:  During Pre-natal Period (During Pregnancy) For the safe labor To prevent Swelling To ease discomfort and minimizing sickness. Back ache prevention To avoid Muscular Pain.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Source                                                                                   Post-natal Period (After Pregnancy) To reduce weight To deal with belly fattening Backache General Weakness To regain the pre-pregnant shape                                                                                                                     Along with this, exercises also helps to prevent irregular periods, PCODs, any lumps in uterus and others irregular diseases. In an attempt to pay tribute to the pregnant ladies, Ineeddoctor in association with Dr. Sujata Singh (SriMaa Sarada Arogyadham Hospital) is organizing a free awareness camp (10AM to 2PM on Sunday, 6th December) about role of physiotherapy and physical exercised during and after pregnancy through which you will be able to know the benefits of Exercise. Several awareness & tips will be provided including: Yoga / Pranayam Sauna bath (Steam Bath). Physiotherapy / Diet advice Floor Exercise Gyming Jacuzzi                                                                                                                                   Source Why & how pregnant women should not neglect their own health                                                                           

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Girls got Tips for Healthier Future @ Free Health Camp by Ineeddoctor

   Ineeddoctor Successfully Conducted a Free Health checkup Camp for the students of DB Girls College, Raipur on 26th November 2015. More than 400 girls were  checked and   consulted by senior health consultants for their day to day  problems.    Owing to the needs of girls (of late teens and early twenties) towards the generic problems for eye/dental and specific concerns related to hormones, spine,   headaches etc, Ineeddoctor organized this event. At such age hormonal changes and headaches are a very common problem that can be overcome by following   few simple tips.                   Health experts Dr. Preeti Saxena (Gynecologist) and Dr. Anup Gupta (Neurologist) from VY Hospital, Raipur consulted the girls and helped them with their  specific problems.                 Dental problems were consulted by Dr. Lalit Adwani & his team from Adwani Dental Clinic. He also presented shared various tips through videos with girls on   taking proper care of their teeth and complete oral hygiene.                  The expert team from Sri Ganesh Vinayak Eye Hospital was available and on heavy demand at the camp with most girls having eye problems.                  It was very enthusiastic for the team Ineeddoctor to see the strong participation from the students of the college and their teaching staff. This event has by far been the most successful event  with the largest health team at service and highest number of checkups on a single day. We thank each of the consulting doctors and the staff at the college who made this event  possible.                  We, at ineeddoctor are committed towards a healthier generation and are planning to conduct more such camps & awareness sessions at the college.

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Health Mantras of 7 Indian Female Celebrities

What does it take to keep one healthy, esp. Women? Our female generation has long been considered as the weaker counterparts, although that is totally not true. There are a number of examples from legendary women celebrities who have shown that they are stronger than most of their male counterparts and even outreached them. Ineeddoctor salutes these celebrities in an attempt to showcase the health mantras that women can follow to stay healthy and fit. Here is our take on this topic. Saina Nehwal, an Indian badminton star and a standout performer, is amongst the most proficient has undoubtedly plenty of Health Mantras to share. She is an extremely fit individual, who trusts that wellness must be accomplished through consistent determination and an inner urge to get out of one’s comfort level. Being a sportsperson, her fitness routine is bound to be physically exhaustive. She does dumbbell pullovers, rowing exercises, military press for shoulders, heel raises for calf muscles and lat pull downs, amongst others. Saina also has a proper diet plan to complement her much needed Physical Exercises to stay healthy and strong. The right handed badminton celebrity believes that disciplining oneself is vital to achieve success in life. She believes that one should follow a proper routine everyday and should never vary it until it becomes absolutely necessary.                                 Source               Sania Mirza an Indian sensation in lawn tennis is the highest ranked female tennis player of India.  She has been named in the list of 33 women who made India proud by Economic Times. She says that she is a sports woman and it is a fact that tennis is a difficult game. Therefore, on a daily basis, Sania manages to stick to a perfect diet plan as well as a fitness regime. She also admits that it gets difficult to maintain her exercise routine at times but she does not compromise on her physical fitness and gives total priority to her workout and watches her diet. She says that the secret behind her perfect game and fitness of her body is due to her diet which consists of natural foods that are full of vitamins and proteins as she requires more energy to play well in the game of tennis.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Source                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Mary Kom aka The Magnificent Mary a marvellous Olympic athlete and the most promising Indian female boxer, Mary Kom’s success is inspiring, but it becomes even more impressive when you consider her Life story.  This beautiful lady, who is also a mother of three children, is a five-time world boxing champion. She would characterize health as soundness, prosperity and physically great condition. Health is a delight to be fit and fine. She keeps her body fitness through a daily, systematic and regular exercise routine. Her daily routine consists of running early in the morning, skipping and punching and kicking the bag for ½ hour each. She concentrates on all areas of her body. She takes proper nutrition and a balanced diet. She do not take much spicy foods to stay fit, healthy and strong.                  Source Priyanka Chopra, Miss World 2000 is a multitalented and one of the versatile actresses of the B-town. We say “Versatile” because of the multiple roles that she is able to perform these days. Apart from acting, this beauty queen has a beautiful voice. To remain in the top actresses of bollywood,one needs to be fit, healthy and PC being the top celebrity is no different. Priyanka Chopra is been in lime light from a young age and has maintained her fitness throughout her career. She says that she is not a gym-freak, but do work out regularly maintain her Body well.  She says “I don't believe in size-zero". You nod dumbly and go one up on her "There is no size known as size Zero". She believes in eating home cooked food, she avoids taking oily food and recommends regular intake of fluids to stay healthy.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Source Deepika Padukone , the heartthrob actress of Bollywood, is one of the top actresses of the B-town, To remain in the top league, one needs to be fit and healthy all the time, and Deepika is certainly very serious about her health and eating habits. Deepika likes to have egg whites, upma, idlis or paranthas, even she loves plain dosa with pudina chutney, at lunch Deepika opts for homemade meals such as roti, dal, sabji, salad, curd and raita, She avoids eating food with carbohydrates, fats at dinner time. She prefers to eat salads, roti, vegetables. Deepika’s fitness mantra is “Make fitness your way of life” and she follows it too, her flawless body is due to hard work, strict diet regime and disciplined life. She is a fitness enthusiast and fond of Yoga, asanas, pranayama and meditation, she prefers a half an hour walk rather than running.               Source   Shilpa Shetty Kundra has been known in the Bollywood for her perfect shape. She has been getting compliments for her shaped figure and perfect body even after marriage. Her fitness mantra is not just to look good but to feel good from within. She feels that yoga targets the mind, body, soul together at one time and feels that yoga is very important to keep you fit and healthy.  Shilpa Shetty is a foodie and loves to have non-veg food and have it every day except Thursdays. For Breakfast she prefers to have protein shake with two dates and eight black raisins, followed by ghee rotis made of different grains with chicken curry or green vegetables in Lunch. She excludes roti from the dinner. She likes to eat early and prefers having fresh salad with chicken or apple or clear soup. She believes it is not about dieting but about your diet. So, a work out is not a must if you eat the right and healthy food                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Source   Bipasha Basu is a leading Bollywood actress and former mode. She is one of the fittest actresses in film industry with striking Bengali looks and well sculpted hourglass figure. Bipasha works very hard to stay fit and in perfect shape. Bipasha Basu follows a strict workout plan and doesn’t miss it even a single day, except of course if she is unwell. Her cardio includes 20 mins each of Treadmill, Cycling and a 10 min Cross trainer, She also includes kick-boxing, a brisk walk etc. to keep her workouts fresh and enjoyable. Bipasha has not always been a conscious eater. For a ‘to-die-for’ body, she gave up her junk food fetish and ever since became a healthy eater. She enjoys eating simple home cooked Bengali food. Her diet includes egg whites in whichever form possible, steamed fish, nuts, green tea, vegetables like broccoli and mushrooms etc.                                            Source In this context, ineeddoctor is glad to organize a health camp specifically for girls (3400 students) at the DB Girls College, Raipur. The event includes an awareness session for women health by top Gynecologist from VY Hospital along with free Dental, Eye & General health checkup. The event is scheduled on 26th November 2015 in Raipur.   Stay Healthy, Stay Fit.  

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